Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Exordior as a affiliate partner to Bileeta support it’s Sales Operations in APAC & Africa region. Bileeta and Exordior work together to support Small and Mid Sized Manufacturing and Trade Organizations across the region to have a robust ERP Platform in place with a minimal spent as Capex and help them grow their business with right set of information and mechanism in place

About Entution:

Entution is a full-fledged cloud enabled Enterprise Resource Planning solution. It empowers SMEs involved in Sales and Distribution, Manufacturing, Projects and Services, to make their businesses efficient and profitable. Bileeta has introduced a concept called JOURNEYs to reduce the complexity faced in traditional ERPs. This creates a brand new experience for customers from the point of purchasing, implementing and using an ERP thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

The current ERP domain is dominated by on-premise softwares that are expensive and take a long time to implement.

Despite its high dominance rate, research shows that 60% of on-premise ERP implementations are challenged projects leading to unsatisfied customers. This is because current on-premise softwares are complex for users as they have limited visibility to the system, which makes it unable for them to clearly map their business requirement. This results in customers purchasing functionalities which they may or may not use. This functionality overload challenges the status quo of employees and they become resistant to use a new system. As a result, this increases the overall implementation time and budget to the customer.

To overcome these gaps in traditional ERPs, Entution has been architected around Intelligent Business Process Management (IBPM) and SMACK (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Key Disruptors), and introduces a new concept called “JOURNEYs”.

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