FTTx – Genexis

Exordior as a affiliate partner to Genexis support it’s Sales Operations in APAC region. Genexis and Exordior work together to Built, Operate and Transform (BTO) FTTx Networks for ISP & Telecom Service Providers across the region to support Nation wide Broadband & digitalization projects.

About Genexis:

Founded in 2002, Genexis is the European market leader in developing and delivering fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) equipment that connects the end users with the digital world.

Our vision is to provide infinite fiber broadband connectivity, anywhere in the home, available to everyone.

To make this a reality, our mission is to make in-home communication easy by continuing to develop, build and supply the highest quality in-home connectivity solutions for our clients: network operators, service providers, system integrators, and the end user.

How we Help:


Fiber & Network Demarcation

Ensuring you have a secure, protected fiber demarcation point is crucial for any in-home FTTH connection,whether it’s based on GPON or Active Ethernet Point-to-Point. Our fiber & network demarcation solutions let you choose between basic media conversion or managed demarcation, and even offer CATV. Choices that are essential for the rest of your in-home fiber deployment

Enabling Residential Services

We realise that transforming fiber connectivity into tangible services for the end user is where the real value lies. Our products enable these residential services, ensuring you can offer end users fiber with the highest quality IPTV, Gigabit internet and crystal clear telephony. And not forgetting 100% reliable WiFi connectivity and security of course.

Network Management

The moment you provide a fiber subscription to your subscribers, there are two important element you need to focus on: providing high-quality services and maintaining control of your operational costs. Our remote management and monitoring solutions are a vital element in achieving this.

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